Global Forum 在成大:Serving The Common Good: Globalization under Crisis- From ISIS to COP21

For those interested, I have uploaded the noted slide with which I presented my talk on Slideshare
In my speech, I conclude the presentation with the Genesis story of the Fall and the Deluvian destruction experience to undergird some of the cosmopolitans’ and internationalists’ efforts in endeavors such #COP21– the flood destroyed all the fallen generations from Adam and Eve except for one lineage, namely, Noah. and we of that surviving lineage are assured that flood will not be the divine vehicle for destruction of evil again.
But the problem is: if we remain evil and un-repented (in our greedy idolatry of the industrial advancement), this time we ourselves will be the agents that bring the Deluvian destruction.
於是當我先是按照 Robert Audi / Jurgen Habermas 的理念用公共神學說概念時,
這裡接著 Nicholas Wolterstorff / Jean Bethke Elshtain 反而大方地現身了。
And as that is a surprise, i offered an important response right away:
As we see through the problem of Islamic radicalization, one of the most pressing issues in this post-secular world is our failure of simultaneously
  • « holding a deep held conviction of goodness » (weak faith is pandemic!),
  • « serving the common good with good faith » (serving only sectarian good is pandemic!), and
  • « crossing deeply divided ideological boundaries, in which religions are elephants in the room » (the public’s ignorance of religions is pandemic!).

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