If This Pope Makes You Uncomfortable, You Are Far From Alone…

Because he is making us think of THAT GUY!

1. Pope Rejects Lunch with Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell, Reid: He will be Dining with the Homeless


Pope Francis says he didn’t have the time because he already had a date eating with the homeless. In fact, he is not only going to be eating with them, but serving them. The meal will take place at St. Patrick’s Church in Washington, D.C.

As stated by John Carr, director of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life at Georgetown University: “Pope Francis is the ultimate Washington outsider. His priorities are not Washington’s priorities. We think we are the center of the world. We are not the center of Pope Francis’ world. He is frankly more comfortable in the slums of Argentina than in the corridors of power.”

photo by media.salon.com
Congress? not much fancifulness about it.  (photo by media.salon.com)

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2. The Pope Calls a Young Girl to Visit Him During His Washington Parade



Initially turned away by secret service agents, the girl, later identified as Sophie Cruz, 5, is called over by Pope Francis, who embraces her. The pope hugged and kissed several children during his tour around the city

3.   Pope Francis Smacks Churches: “If You Don’t Help the Poor and Needy, then Pay Taxes Like a Business”



“Some religious orders say, ‘No, now that the convent is empty we are going to make a hotel and we can have guests and support ourselves that way, or make money,’” said Pope Francis. “Well, if that is what you do, then pay taxes! A religious school is tax-exempt because it is religious, but if it is functioning as a hotel, then it should pay taxes just like its neighbor. Otherwise it is not fair business.”

The practice of renting space in religious buildings is very common in Europe. The philosophy behind it, that Pope Francis describes, could very well undermine what many televangelists do in the United States. Rather than practicing their religion, these charlatans run lean businesses and make fat profits. If the church isn’t engaged in the business of the Church, as Pope Francis explained, then it’s time for them to pay their fair share of taxes!

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