Prayer Request for the new year’s Work Calendar

◆Prayer Request for the new year’s Work Calendar◆

As we are eventually approaching the end of the Spring Festival and the new work season officially begins tomorrow (Tuesday), one thing that turns out just clear to me right now is the vision of our (and my) path, as well as what we should prayerfully anticipate from God.

Particularly, with the help of friends conversing with me, these days of pause has allowed me to ponder again the meaning of what we are doing at Awakening News Network: no matter how much brainstorming we have conducted on « developing strategies », on « financial proposals », what we feel truly lacking are talents: God-fearing Christian talents dedicated to bring change and transformation to the society through « professional » news ministry (with subtle nuance from « parachurch » or « evangelistic » media ministry) to join and cowork with (and lead) our team.

What I find amusing (because after so much laboring and waiting you could only put up with it with a theological sense of humor) about our HR issue at this critical juncture are that

  1. (1) professionals are generally not God-fearing ones;
  2. (2) Christians generally lack dedicated professional ethics (much of this, IMHO, is to be attributed to the narrow-mindedness and myopia of the kind of missiology preached at parochial church pulpits) ;
  3. (3) dedicated and pure-hearted persons are not the surviving and competitive type of leaders (that is why the protagonists in Japanese manga are always so beloved- Luffy from One Piece, Goku from Dragon Balls, Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, and Eren from Shingeki no Kyojin- the good qualifies coexist in them are too precious to be found in the real world).

This is not an emotional quibble against our ministry’s relative stagnation; nor should it be translated as an implicit grudge against our current coworkers. For had we refused to team with people of type of (1) to type (3), we would have had no one in our team. No, all of us in the organization (me surely included) fall somewhere along the lines of these types. And I desperately know that in a few years we have to pass the baton and all the platform we have thus far built to this seemingly non-existent character (mom is old and I am still convinced that, against all odds, I am sent to do professional « academic » ministry).

In a few hours our new work calendar (after CNY) will begin. I do not have a blueprint of everything we can do, but I do have one for what to pray and hope for.

It has never been so clear to me as it is right now what Awakening News Network’s existence serves: it serves God and nothing else. Not any ambition or individuals with ulterior motives. The ministry could be fruitful and worth continuing only if it remains Christ-centered and that a Christ-minded figure holds the key.



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