Daniel Dennett Presents: An Argument Against Naturalism

Vox Nova

I was recently stunned to find, in an interview with Daniel Dennett published in Third Way (July/August 2013, p. 14), the following exchange:

Interviewer:  What might constitute an insuperable problem for naturalism, then?

Dennett:  Well, I thought of one thing in a little reverie just yesterday.  If you take all the integers – one, two, three, four – starting with zero and you arrange them in a sort of a square spiral and you put a red circle, say, around each prime number, you discover that there are some interesting patterns – it’s a very tantalizing fact about prime numbers.  Well, suppose someone said, ‘I’m going to arrange the number in a slightly different way and just see what happens,’ and they did it and, after a while, when they’d [arranged] enough millions of numbers, we saw that [the pattern that had emerged] was a crucifix… If something like that…

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