Observations about NYC @ MIA’s game on 2.23.2012

From L to R: Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Leb...
Melo "facing" Lebron, Chris, and Dwyane

Since every Asian basketball fans have somewhat caught the fever of Linsanity in recent days, and the loss to the Heat is like a big bucket of cold water on the head, I would like to throw some of my observations about the game (NYC vs. MIA) just to alleviate the symptoms.

1. It can be clearly seen by contrast that Baron Davis has recovered physically well, and he is much more athletic than Lin in dissolving the Heat’s double-team defensive trap. But he fails in directing the team, and he cannot make the spontaneous 3pt shots as usual (0/4). I would allow JR or Melo to throw those 3s, not you.

I would attribute BD’s nonsensical plays to the cause why Jeremy was put back on court when there were only 7 min left in the game, when Jeremy was supposed to sit and watch and learn.

2. Jeremy Lin‘s ball-handling is horrible when encountering physically tough defense. This manifests itself in his frequent lost-ball turnovers and pick & roll plays in which he stopped the ball prematurely at the perimeter and cannot make the split-second decision to pass it inside.

But those are to be expected due to his limited athleticism and experience. To improve on those mistakes takes some more weight training (esp. upper body and lower arm, which takes a summer) and dribble practice (which he’s done a lot).

Fortunately, there are not too many teams in this league that can put up such heated cut-throat defense. But his turnovers have been ridiculously high, and he got to grip the ball tighter. In this kind of situation, he needs to play less to stay efficient.

Lin stifled by bigger, stronger Heat Guard Wade

3. Melo needs to avoid the tendency to commit offensive fouls, which is characteristic of inexperienced young athletic players rather than sophisticated lethal scorers (MJ, Kobe, AI, T-Mac, Dirk, etc., who among them would always commit so many stupid offensive fouls, especially when there is not even a defensive trap set by the opposing team?).

4. Amare is still a defensive loophole, giving Chris Bosh a too easy time today. But what about your offense? Isn’t that something we should be adamant about? If you cannot defense him well, get even in score with your aggressive hook-attacking moves!

5. Finally, losing to the Heat is no big deal. Heat is good. Let we San Antonio take care of them. (Go Spurs go! :D)


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