Things my supporters might be happy to know about me

Tell us a little about your Family.*

I have to younger sisters, and both of my parents became Christians at their late 20s before they got married. My father was a businessman in the auto industry. My mother devoted her whole working career to the service of Christ through news media and public communication. 16 years ago, my father experienced a major financial failure in his business investment, we lost all our money and became in huge debt. He also suffered the middle-age unemployment since then. Since then our family living style changed quite a bit. My father spent his primary time home and helping my mother’s ministry.

For these many years we have been experiencing God’s blessings in great measure. We are finally debt free, though we don’t have much savings and real property, either. My mother took pleasure in the fact that I dedicated myself to the path of full-time ministry preparation and that my youngest sister now in college has found her goal.

(1987,淡水、22 years ago )

What are your hobbies and interests?*

I like to cultivate and develop an interest that brings me long term benefit rather than momentary pleasure. Also, the activity itself should involve much money spending. So during my leisure time, I would like to play basketball and do bodily exercises in the gym—taking advantage of our campus facilities. Other things will be like reading (I like to read extensively in philosophy and in humanities), learning languages (now I can roughly understand 10-11 languages, at different level of mastery), and writing. I like music, but I don’t listen to them as much as I play them. Now I have stopped playing; I don’t think I will have time so I left my musical instruments (violin and bass) in Taiwan. Recently I started doing some cooking and photography, which I thought not a must but would be a huge plus to a single oversea student like me. In other words, I am motivated to learn them because they would make my life easier, and more colorful.


Please tell us about your relationship with Jesus Christ.*

Born in a Christian family, I was blessed to live in an ecclesiastical atmosphere during my childhood, immersed in knowledge of Biblical stories and Scripture verses. The Christian education I received has laid a basic foundation for my love for God.

Frankly, I committed my life for God’s ministry since the age of 8, for I realized the ultimate significance of life rests in God’s kingdom. My childish fantasy is all about an admirable pastor who powerfully handles God’s word. Full of Godly knowledge, he provides comfort for broken hearts and sheds light of great wisdom for those wondering minds.

But later on in all my childhood and school days, I didn’t feel God’s substantial presence but only legalistic demands and propositional truths that were imposed upon me by the parental and ecclesiastical authorities. I was asked to become a certain type of good Christian in one-way-street manner. It wasn’t until the summer of 2004, when I volunteered in France for summer a Catholic monastic order "Emmanuel", was I filled up with the joy of Holy Spirit, through the richness and grandeur of the church tradition, the cultural exchange of Christian testimony, and a united heart for life-transforming ministry and service.

As I subdued myself and tried to imitate the Lord’s servanthood I found that everything I did came out with a new significance. Following the college graduation in Jan. 2006, I chose first to work in Christian Tribune Newspaper, which is a gateway to observe the greater society through a Christian lens. Months later I acted upon God’s calling to go full-time into seminar for formal theological training.

Seminary education, however, is not just about theological training. With like-minded people getting together, it fosters a pious atmosphere of pursuing Christ-likeness and effective ministry. I learnt a lot from the people here as I learnt that I have more to learn. To best incorporate this spiritual discipline—in order to maintain a close relationship with God, and the necessary equipment for a life-long ministry, I left my country and came to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the US.

Oversea study poses new challenges in my life. But God has overflowed my cup with his abundance. What I need to learn now is to find all my sufficiency in Him.


How did you become interested in your area of study/ministry? What are your future plans in this area?*

I observed very early in my school years that all of our educations have been trying to teach a universal truth that is itself contradictory and sometimes tends to falsify the "more genuine" personal experiences. Religion, in particular, has to deny certain rules we actually follow in order to survive in the secular world. My young heart then, despite all my willingness to accept the entire Bible as authentic Word of God, was great troubled by and suffered from such cognitive dissonance; hence the seeds of my knowledge quest.

One of the most serious challenges for Christian churches toady will still be the lack of knowledge; knowledge that explains the vicissitude of the world and discerns how now shall we live. It articulates God’s truth without pointless simplification but in transforming love. I thus believe God’s calling for me is to challenge the broader Chinese society in its growing, reforming, and reshaping. A solid biblical knowledge and personal piety are merely prerequisites for a Christian thinker. I particularly notice the pivotal role of higher education and academia, where Christian intellectuals are not only dedicated to bring up the minds of the next generation of leaders, but also serve as advocate of biblical value for policymakers.

My future plan in this area involves more advanced study in political theology and hermeneutics, while current training in M/Div helps me grow in the incorporation of the Bible and practical ministry skills. I gladly anticipate the day when God will redeem our generation and, with me being His humble servant, turn our nation Taiwan— as well as our brother China— a godly nation. 

(Political Movements in Taiwan @ Capital City Taipei in 2006 & 2008)


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