[Foto] 濕落波大頓 Lost & Wet in Boston (上)

11/25 PM 6:20




11/25  PM 1:30


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My plan for today was first to take time visit some Bostonian attractions before I head north to meet up with James/Sydney & Duane at Salem- we planned to have lobster & seafood together.  Since all sessions of SBL will be finished by noon, I was spared a cozy afternoon.

I was thinking about going to Quincy. Some mini-drama was in my head. 1) I regretted that this rain wasn’t falling earlier during the past a few days when i mostly stayed indoors. This heavy rain made the ground quite watery and hence quite a pain to drag the luggage along and walk in the city.  2) If I chose not to walk, an alternative way to tour around the city is then by taking the public transportation and sight-seeing through the window glass. 3) Fortunately I already got a weekly MBTA pass, which allows me unlimited rides on the metro within that 7-day period. 4) To make it a bargain, I then should take as many rides and go as far as possible. The next to final destination of the red line MBTA, Quincy, therefore stands out as a pretty strong candidate destination-wise for my adventure.

11/25  PM 3:43

2008-11-25 15-43-59 - 0362 Messy mass! When I was about to make the connecting metro at the Park St. station the platform was crowded with both sides of urban commuters. I couldn’t catch the first metro because the other side of people rushed in the  so quickly and soon the wagons were all occupied. I took this picture as I waited for the next metro to come.

On a positive note, the MBTA stations (and somewhat true in the case of other places in Boston city),  despite there vintage outlook, do boast very idiosyncratic and artistic flavors. You can often hear and see street artists playing music at metro station—and they are excellent, definitely not amateurish. In Chicago city such scenes are tourist season limited (while in Boston people can expect street art performance perennially). I believe it’s the artistic soil of the city and their citizens that nurture their excellence—if they were not tipped generously, motivation for such a high standard performance must wane over time.

I am convinced about my observation on tipping, because at that time there was an old man playing guitar at the right side. (You don’t see him in this picture because he was blocked from me by the crowd.) The sound came out from his instrument was so melodious, and the crowd wasn’t surprised yet they were so willing to open their wallet. (He is definitely not the first nor only artist I met in Boston city metro station.)

11/25  PM 4:23

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Now here we are at Quincy center station. It’s located at the south east south of the downtown and it takes some 30 minutes to get to from there.  It’s a city area, but not as fun as I had thought. I took some pictures, but I just had no idea why people would like to talk about this place all the time (later on I learned that I mistakenly got “Quincy center” for “Quincy market” (this is the real famous one, and it’s just in the city and as small as it should be in the city).

Look, it was the dusk already! I had to slow down the shutter speed a bit in order to have these pictures infiltrated with a good amount of light.



4 réflexions sur « [Foto] 濕落波大頓 Lost & Wet in Boston (上) »

  1. 你的部落格真酷 有些文章是真的很深奧 但是都寫得很好 照片也很漂亮 我也會繼續努力寫好文章滴 Anouk

  2. 想像中的美國東岸,一直是濕答答的吧。聽講都是跟北歐及英國的感覺很像,所以多與也是正常。能夠走走東岸,總是好的。

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