美國高教短打 2008.3.1-2008.4.1


04-03-08_1257 (John Marshall Law School in the City of Chicago)

  1. 3/5 Berkeley and Stanford Sign Deals With New Saudi University, Despite Some Professors’ Misgivings

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, the ambitious $10-billion research institution that Saudi Arabia plans to open in 2009, announced on Tuesday that it had signed agreements with Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley to help it design an academic curriculum and hire faculty members.


  2. 3/5 Education Department to End Loan Provision That Helped Wealthier Graduate

    The Education Department announced on Tuesday that it would end a "hardship" provision that would have reduced interest payments for low-income college graduates by more than $1-billion over the next decade.


  3. 3/5 Iraqi Officials Say U.S. Visa Policies Set Back Their Higher-Education Efforts

    The Iraqi government offers generous scholarships for study abroad, in a bid to improve the country’s higher-education system after years of isolation. But few students have been able to use scholarships in the United States.


  4. 3/5 MLA’s Recommendations on Transforming Foreign-Language Education Continue to Provoke Debate

    Nearly a year after its release, a report issued by a Modern Language Association panel continues to spur discussion about how the teaching of foreign languages should change and what role the association should play in any curricular revamp.


  5. 3/5 Response to a University’s Giveaway of Electronic Goods to Improve Education Is Not Always Gratitude

    Abilene Christian University is giving all new students iPhones or iPod touches. But Duke University says it has been there and done that, and that one device doesn’t fit all needs.

    校方送3C?學生未必領情。關於亞比連基督教大學致贈所有入學新生每人一台iPhones或iPod touches,杜克大學不屑地表示這他們早已行之有年,只是一機仍不足以滿足學生各種需要。

  6. 3/6 Biology Papers in Prominent Journals May Be Frauds

    A South Korean scientist is accused of falsifying research in two papers published by influential journals


  7. 3/6 Democrats Propose Increased Spending on Research and Education

    Both the House and Senate versions would exceed President Bush’s request for spending on education by several billion dollars.


  8. 3/6 Foundation Stops Support for Scholarships for Business Students, Leaving Universities to Cover

    The Roy F. and Joann Cole Mitte Foundation, which gave merit-based awards to students in business programs, has told a handful of universities that it can no longer support the scholarships it committed to.

    Roy F. and Joann Cole Mitte基金會決定終止它們以往對商校學生的獎學金。這也許將造成一種骨牌效應,也就是商校學費上漲、獎學金也愈來愈少。

  9. 3/11 Taking Courses as a Group Helps Community-College Freshmen Succeed, Study Finds

    Students at a community college in Brooklyn who were randomly assigned to "learning communities" had more academic success than those not assigned to such groups. But learning communities’ effect on student retention was less clear.


  10. 3/13 U. of Iowa Writing Students Revolt Against a Plan They Say Would Give Away Their Work on the Web

    The students fear that making the novels, plays, and other creative works that they submit as dissertations freely available on the Web could undermine the works’ commercial value.


  11. 3/14 U.S. Panel on Math Education Laments Gaps in Research on What Works Best

    Not enough tangible research has been done in mathematics education to adequately guide policy decisions, a federal advisory panel suggested in a report released on Thursday.


  12. 3/17 How to Combat a Campus Gossip Web Site (and Why You Shouldn’t)

    Students and administrators have dreamed up a number of approaches to fight back against the smears posted on Juicy Campus, but some also hope the site’s popularity will die out as quickly as it rose.




  13. 3/17 Sweeping Review of Australian Higher Education May Look to U.S. for Model

    Australia’s new Labor government has moved to make good on its promise of an "education revolution" by beginning a review of the structure, performance, and financial support of the country’s 38 universities.


  14. 3/20 New Data Predict Major Shifts in Student Population, Requiring Colleges to Change Strategies

    An analysis released on Wednesday by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education confirms what colleges have known for years: The make-up of the college-age population is rapidly shifting.


  15. 3/20 Stress Takes a Toll on College Students, Survey Finds

    Many of the students suffer serious symptoms of depression and anxiety, but few consider turning to campus counseling centers for help, says the report from the Associated Press and mtvU, the campus cable network.


  16. 3/21 News Analysis: Students May Need a Grounding in Agriculture as Much as in the Liberal Arts

    With the emphasis on sustainability on many campuses, perhaps colleges should offer students basic lessons in agricultural skills.


  17. 4/1 Graduate-School Leaders Want Ph.D. Candidates to Finish Sooner and With Better Job Prospects

    A workshop sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools and the National Science Foundation focused on how universities can help doctoral students attain realistic goals.


Source: www.chronicle.com


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